When choosing a platform bed type, you need to be sure, it should match the overall style of your room. If you like an Eco-style bedroom, you should not choose a Baroque bed for your bedroom.
Try to combine materials, shapes, and colors wisely.

Platform Bed Expert will recommend the basic types of platform beds such as:

Classic rectangular design. These are the most popular beds. They are quite practical and have been around for a long time. So they are quite familiar.

The bed is round or oval. These platform beds are quite space-fussy and they are only suitable for certain styles - for example, they will be suitable for classic and modern bedrooms. It is important that it is functional.

Platform bed. This type of bed is perfectly suited to modern interiors and rural interiors.

The bed is convertible. Small studio rooms will have this choice of beds. In addition, if you want to free up more space for the bedroom, this is also the ideal choice.

Bunk Bed. It is very familiar for the children's room. Allowed to accommodate two children per several square meters. This is convenient, again, it's the most space-saving solution.

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