Face masks as a COVID-19 protection measure have made facial coverings mandatory across the world. This mandate has posed a fresh challenge to people wearing glasses, be it spectacles or safety googles worn at work. The bespectacled community is struggling to cope with the COVID consequence: foggy vision.

Wearing a mask can lead to foggy lenses and blurry vision. Misty glasses are not only inconvenient for the wearer, but also dangerous. It could prove life-threatening while driving, or when working on construction sites.

Why do lenses fog up?

Glasses fogging up due to mask is a nagging problem for bespectacled people. The most common reason for foggy lenses is an ill-fitting face mask. When you exhale, your warm breath escapes through the gaps around your baggy mask and settles on your lenses. When it touches the cool lens, condensation happens, leading to quick build-up of moisture that leaves behind the mist.

To stop glasses from getting foggy, wearing a mask that perfectly fits your face is an effective solution. If you are looking for solutions to fog-free lenses, keep reading to know about 5 great hacks to prevent fogging up of glasses when wearing a mask.

Hacks to prevent foggy glasses.

1. Soap and Warm Water

Rinsing your lenses with mild soap and warm water is a sure shot way to defog glasses. Use regular soap or detergent and warm water to wash your glasses and dry them with a microfiber cloth available at optometrist shops. Soap minimizes the surface tension and does not let mist sit on your glasses.

2. Shaving cream

The regular shaving cream can be useful to defog your glasses! Take a small amount of shaving cream on the tips of your fingers and apply to the inside of your glasses. Wipe it off with a quality microfiber cloth. The shaving cream will put a protective layer on your lenses and prevent mist from gathering on it.

3. Demisting or anti-fog spray

Buy a commercial defogging spray to prevent glasses from fogging up when wearing a mask. Spray it, and air dry the lenses or wipe them with a microfiber cloth. Invest in a pH-balanced spray to avoid any damage to the lens’ coating. This solution puts a thin layer that stops condensation on the glasses. The spray is available online or at any optometrist.

4. Medical Tape

An ill-fitting face cover is usually the reason for glasses fogging up due to mask. Place the glasses atop the mask to minimize the air gap. Apply a strip of medical tape to seal the gap between the edge of the mask and the nose. Medical tapes are available online and at the local chemists.

5. Reposition the glasses

A totally costless and simple way to avoid glasses from fogging up when wearing a mask is putting the glasses in a slightly different way. If you are looking for a hassle-free way to have defogged glasses, just pull up your face mask to the middle of your nose and place your glasses over it. This will create a tighter seal and stop misting.

What to avoid for fog-free glasses?

Avoid using face tissue, as it leaves lint, which locks moisture on the lenses. This means you will be far away from having defogged glasses.

If you wear glasses with protective films, such as ultraviolet or glare protection, have a word with your optician before buying a demisting spray. Some cleansers have harsh chemicals that can cause permanent damage to your lenses.

Before sticking the medical tape over your face mask, do a small phase test. Try it on your arms for around 30 minutes to check if the adhesive causes irritation to your skin.

Do not use any random glass cleaner to wipe your glasses. The harsh chemicals can not only harm the lenses, but also pose health threat by causing eye infections.


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