DSTV Installation Cape Town provides with Smart TV otherwise known as CTV connections. The normal television set with internet facilities allows for stream live videos, music, and browsing the internet on the same TV screen. The OS of the smart TV is preloaded or available through the setup box. To know more about Smart Television and its varieties and other products, kindly mail on ([email protected] )

Smart TV Have Advantages as well as Disadvantages


  1. Starting from live streaming to pre-saved videos, anything can be watched on Smart TV. One can browse the internet on a smart TV.
  2. Gives access to a wide variety of movies starting from the latest movies to age-old movies
  3. On-demand movies can be watched, and it is one of the key advantages of using Smart TV.
  4. One can schedule program timings as per suitable timings.
  5. A single remote can control all the attachments of Smart TV and can control them.
  6. Being a smart TV, it has added features and provides access to varieties of games compatible with the TV.


  1. Smart TV features have disadvantages as there is a chance of data theft, and this is due to the camera and mic attached to the television.
  2. Smart TV is costly due to due features and additional benefits than regular television.
  3. Smart TV hangs or slows down for some time as like smartphones when there is a problem with the internet and excessive use of it. This makes the TV slow down.
  4. Smart TVs need to be updated to regularise the program and software for the television's smooth functioning.
  5. Smart TV is the need of the hour and is available in the market in the different price range. DSTV Repairs Cape Townprovides a one-stop solution for all electronic gadgets.