Wool ranks eighth in the export trade of agricultural commodities, while it also ranks first in the trade of animal and animal products with hides. Buy Vardhman Jackpot. In Uttar Pradesh, 24 million sheep produce 5 lakh mana wool. Rajasthan and Punjab are the first in wool production, followed by Uttar Pradesh. Most of the wool imported into the country by sea harbors comes from Australia and England. These two countries send 16.5 and 12.1 percent of their total wool to India in sequential order. Wool comes from Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Iran, Western and Eastern Afghanistan and Northern Afghanistan, Central Asia and Turkistan. The highest percentage (31.10 percent) of wool comes from Tibet and nearby countries. This is followed by Afghanistan and Iran, where 25.1 percent of the wool comes from. There is a change in the quantity and percentage ratio of wool every year according to the business rules and the internal demand of the country.