SMS has increasingly shown itself to be an assertive communication strategy for companies, which is why more and more companies are also investing in this form of communication and the SMS market continues to expand. That's because, according to data, the SMS open rate is greater than 98%, which means that people see what companies send, which makes this form of communication assertive. Learn more about some advantages of SMS for companies:

High reach

People may not look at all WhatsApp messages, or they may not be reached through a social media campaign but with SMS, the estimate is that most messages are read in the first 3 minutes and answered in 90 seconds. Thus, this form of communication has a high public reach.

Low cost

The expenses involved in an SMS marketing campaign are more concentrated on the sending service. After all, it is not necessary to create complex graphic pieces with images, video and audio production, printed material, or anything like that. The content is a well-done text message.


With SMS, it is possible to make personalized campaigns of all types to communicate with customers, from a promotion to a charge. In this way, companies are able to reach the customer with the right message for them.

To conclude on the resale of SMS

Every year new technologies appear that, little by little, become part of people's daily lives. As a result, it is said that an older technology will cease to exist, that is what they said about e-mail and it is also what they said about SMS.

Quite the contrary, more and more studies and estimates show that companies still use this form of communication, which, in addition to being assertive, becomes profitable.

Therefore, in the same way, bulk SMS reseller is a profitable service for your operator to be able to offer complete solutions, retain customers and attract new ones, by hiring a ready, safe and efficient infrastructure.