How To Put Contact Lens? [Easy Method]: Teaching people the way to use contact lenses properly is literally my job. when you see enough people try contact lenses for the primary time you’ll pick.

up mistake that they commonly make so today, we will be learning the right way of how to insert and take away contact lenses without making those careless errors.

let’s begin

step 1 wash your hands if you do not wash your hands before handling contact lenses small particles like dust sand and oils on your fingers can stick onto the contacts.

making it uncomfortable when you’re wearing them to avoid this rinse your hands thoroughly removing any dirt from your hands and particularly your fingers.

step 2 the taco test scoop the lens out of the solution and lay it down onto your index try using an equivalent-sided hand because the eye you’re about to put the lens into so for instance.

we’re going to be doing the proper eye first so we’ll use our right index to position the lens at eye level and inspect the lens there are two different ways your contacts are often positioned.

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