If you are searching for a homeopathic acne treatment instead of your old formed sulfur remedies then you are not only. Acne is one of the most general skin aliments and when searching most people gets turned off of the sulfur healing when they hear what it does to your skin. This sends you on your search for natural healing and that is how you arrived here. For the treatment you can consult with the best homeopathic skin doctor in Bhubaneswar.

Homeopathic medicine has been about longer than traditional medicine. It would take everlastingly to explain the entire history of this type of curing so instead of doing that and boring you, best homeopathic skin doctor in Bhubaneswar going to show you the top 5 homeopathic way to heal your acne.

Hepar Sulphuris Calcarem - If your acne is causing you great pain, and it takes a long period to heal then this is the process you should be concentrating on.

Calcarea Carbonica - If you like fried foods and sweets as much as doctor does then this is the healing for you. This is more for the someone that breaks out often, but again if you are in pain make sure you do the cure that the best homeopathic skin doctor in Bhubaneswar stated above.

Antimonium Tartarium - This is more for people who have pimples that pop and seep a lot. Also after your pimple's pop and your skin turns ruby this is very good for that to.

Silicea - For people that don't have a high confrontation to their acne, this is designed to go profound under your skin to battle the difficulty. The only problem for this process is that you will sweat a lot.

When choosing which treatment you are going to use, please consult with a best homeopathic skin doctor in Bhubaneswar first before trying anything. This way you know the correct amount before you begin. In Bhubaneswar visit Aishwarya Homoeo Clinic and take appointment with Dr. Bijay Kumar Panigrahi, Dr. Ankit Panigrahi, and Dr. Aishwarya Panigrahi.