True to its name, Safety Culture Transformation (SCT) Survey is the objective-oriented, data-driven study of understanding the dynamics of safety culture in an Organisation with a change of time. In other words, it’s an output-driven measurement assessing the Organisational Safety Programme. As opposed to other methods, SCT helps the Management to understand the effectiveness of the safety Programmes from the perspective of the Employees. The main objective of this survey is to identify the loopholes in the Organisation and strengthen it through process components to design a highly effective and continuously evolving safety culture. In nutshell, SCT is that tool of introspection that gives the baseline understanding of how safety is perceived in that organization.

The scope of SCT:

Normally, in an SCT Survey, the following key elements are evaluated-

  • Safety Leadership: the initiative of the Management towards the Safety programme, involvement in audits, incident investigations
  • Safety Management: general safety measures and challenges, Employee training, Emergency management and safety communication
  • Safety Culture: general perception of the Organisation towards Safety, Employee participation, safety meetings, off-the-job safety approach
  • Safety adherence: Adherence to core safety measures

SCT Survey can be either of baseline nature i.e conducted for the first time in an Organisation to assess the current scenario and employee perception towards safety or, it can be a follow-up survey to find out whether the erstwhile recommendations are being taken into consideration and document the current changes/improvements.

At the beginning of the Audit, the employees are divided into homogenous groups of top management, middle level, junior level and finally, supervisors, technicians and workers-both permanent and contractual. Experienced personnel are delegated with the responsibility to conduct the survey with the help of well-developed, scientific questionnaires. The framed questions are to-the-point, simple to understand, analytical and crucial to meet the objectives of the Survey.

In TheSafetyMaster™, we have a team of Safety experts and Behavior Analysis’s who will take care of these Surveys. Our Experts possess several years of extensive experience and have a specific level of competence needed to interview different level of Employees. Our Experts uphold the importance of following safety norms and leading the way to safer workplaces. Our Periodic evaluation of your Organization, with the help of SCT and Process hazard analysis, ensures an effective process of control, assessment and promotion of a safety culture environment.


  • Achieving an optimal safety programme of Process Safety Management by meeting the Global standards
  • Better trained Employees with increased productivity and reduced number of accidents and mishaps
  • Encouraging creative ideas and solutions rather than sticking to mere norms and compliances
  • Improvement awareness about the performance of Company in terms of Safety

TheSafetyMaster Services:

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