With the words ‘new normal’ being used too much in the recent days, reality becomes difficult to face that we’re so used to spending most of our time outdoors.

While we understand (and yeah we get it) that travel for us is mostly a want to satisfy our wanderlust, not a necessity, we still can’t help but crave for it. Since the pandemic hit, many countries including India have sealed their borders to avoid the virus moving in or out to protect its citizens.

Other countries where tourism is open, has their own precautionary measures in place. Undoubtedly, this is better paired with the news that travelers themselves are taking all possible precautions to ensure their safety.

Though travel friendly countries are still open for tourism, if we’re planning an international vacation, it is just as much our responsibility as it is theirs to keep everything safe and secure, not just for ourselves but for others as well.

That being said, let’s get right to the countries in Europe still open for tourism in April 2021.

1) Andorra

A tiny country sandwiched between Spain and France, with only 85,000 inhabitants, out of which one third are residents. The best activities it has to offer usually include skiing, hiking and anything related to mountains on its plate. You can visit Andorra anytime of the year.

If you’re visiting in winter months, you’ll enjoy skiing and many snow sports. In the summers, you can enjoy mountain activities like hiking, trekking and many more. Ski season usually starts in the first week of December.

2) Bosnia and Herzegovina

A peaceful and safe Balkan country to visit, Bosnia and Herzegovina has it all. It is filled with rolling valleys to expansive hills and mountains, crystal- like clear beach on the Adriatic coastline along with exciting cultures in its unique cities. Sarajevo, the capital has the population fewer than 300,000 with a Turkish vibe.

Check out the bullet scars that many of the buildings still sport from the war. Or find a café to sit in, with a clear view of the Stari Most (old bridge) and watch the locals diving from the bridge into the Neretva River. It’s a breathtaking sight for sure.

3) Macedonia

This tiny country, between Greece, Albania, and Bulgaria, as fascinating as it is, often goes unnoticed for tourism. The country has a mixed culture of Persian, Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Serbian, and Soviet influences. Skopje, its capital, is a quirky blend of old and new.

While you’re there, don’t forget to scope the cityscape from the 217 foot high Millennium Cross on top of the Vodno Mountain as you traverse the way through a cable car.

Macedonia is riddled with more than 300 limestone caves, so if you’re willing to slither, squeeze in to the underworld at Gorna Slatinska. It is a quarter mile labyrinth with bats hanging from the ceiling and eclectic stalactites.

Or you can rock climb your way through crags and go kayaking in the emerald green waters of Matka Lake in Matka Canyon.

4) Serbia

If you’re looking forward to exploring authentic Balkan soul and culture, Serbia is your top pick.

The country has so many things waiting to be explored- for example, the capital Belgrade’s most romantic spot Kalemegdan, the imposing Church of St. Sava, the border designed by deity known as Đerdap Gorge, the Skull Tower which had 952 skulls when it was built but has less than 60 remaining now and the most stunning mosaic covered walls of the church Oplenac.

The city is famous for having its own brandy rakija, which is a recipe passed down from generations and are usually homemade in villages across Serbia.

The carpets called Pirot Kilim are also famous all over the world as a woven rug and it is used as a tapestry, window shades and even covers over the blankets since they’re warm. Visit the Exit Festival that starts on the second Thursday of July at Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad. This music festival is held for 4 days in a row.

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Source: Tourism In Europe