CMS Tools (Content Management System Tools) is a software that is designed to create, edit, publish, manage, and store digital content. CMS tools are widely used by businesses to help in the management of website content blog, or other fields on a web page. It help users to add increased functionality and depth to the curated content from the CMS. CMS tools allow users to design a website by using different features and content types. CMS tools can be integrated with web content management (WCM) software, marketing automation software, and content analytics software for more advanced functionalities.

Top Vendors of CMS Tools include –

1 WeTransfer – WeTransfer CMS Tool is an online cloud-based file-transferring platform that is used to transfer files freely around the world. The platform allows long term storage of large files to its users on the internet. It is simple to use across all devices and offers great customization options including email, URL and background customization.

2 Gravatar – Gravatar is a unique tool designed to provide a website with a personalized face to face interactivity. Gravatar is also known as Globally Recognized Avatars. It displays an image or identity provided by the user that represents the user online. The unique image of the user will identify them from a central database and display during interaction with websites, blogs, etc.

3 TubeBuddy – TubeBuddy is a browser extension software platform that allows users to add a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube’s website. TubeBuddy is most popular in YouTube channel and it is a YouTube channel management video optimization kit.

4 Bxslider – BxSlider is a flexible and responsive jQuery slider or carousel plugin to add a content slider including images, videos, and HTML contents to any webpage. BxSlider has its library and field formatters to show all the pictures on the webpage.

5 ForkLift – ForkLift is the most advanced dual pane file manager and file transfer platform developed by Binarynights. ForkLift can manage and organize the data and easily allow users to search for any files. It is a dual-pane file management and transfer software that allows multitasking of several files at once.

Other vendors of CMS Tools are Pastel, Binarynights, Mambo Foundation, Dspace, Fetch Softworks, AREA 17, Rapidgator, Generis Knowledge Management Inc, SendSpace etc.

Points to be Considering while Selecting a CMS Tools and Tips on Securing your CMS Tool

There are several pointers to be observed while selecting the best CMS Tools. Users need to keep in mind factors such as skillset, security, technology, real costs, language or user support, customization, blogging, support, permission-based access control, business impacts, search and retrieval, ongoing requirements, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), future needs, email marketing, social media marketing, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) content creation, etc. Best CMS Tool infrastructure should have capable programmers available with specialized knowledge in the preferred programming language.

Hacking sites are now becoming more frequent with the rise in technology. Web pages can be hacked through a variety of ways such as a hosting service, blog theme, user management, plugins or extensions, etc. Users can secure their website by changing the administration backend password regularly. Tracking suspicious activities such as outdated plugins or extensions can also help to secure the system. It is recommended to clean up plugins on a regular basis to ensure the plugins added to the CMS tools are also secure to use. Users can preferable use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL – HTTPS) to encrypt all web data. Ensuring webpages are protected makes CMS tools work better for you!