In all corporate related chaos, there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. HR TECH as the third eye is the ultimate problem solver, guardian and friend working to do what falls in the employer and employees key interest.

Today, Human Resource Management (HRM) is seen as the LEADER of corporate hierarchy! Its’ function, practice and procedures play a key role in the normal working of work culture. Human resources in any enterprise- be it small or medium constitutes an important area of study.

Careful human resource management in small and medium enterprises is required to create and nourish good opportunities in the production process.

If managed effectively and efficiently, human resources can play a BIG ROLE in realizing the objectives of the businesses looking for ways TO MIND THEIR BUSINESS!!

As quoted in the Research India Publications 26 as Rajiv Oza, director HR, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories says, “HR will play an important role in attracting and retaining talent to work in SMEs. For those who would like to fold their sleeves and manage dynamics very near to the market will enjoy their career in SMEs. HR plays multiple roles in the SME sector. In my view the role has more canvas which covers multiple functions like HR, personnel, IR, Corp Communication, PR and so on. Most of the hrm for SMEs operate in an environment of cut-throat competition with limited resources. The core role of HR is to be a thought partner to the Promoters and Business leaders; manage growth or stagnancy with limited resources; balance growing needs of employees with that of the organization’s ability to provide them.”

Objectives and Research Methodology in the Field of Human Resources

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