One way to turn your house into much lively and colorful is to put a bold curtain in your window. It will jazz up the environment in your home without ruining the entire theme of your house. Peninsula Curtains and Blinds began in 1980 as a small home business founded by Managing Director Vic Bedin. Vic’s concept was to bring window furnishing ideas directly into customer’s homes using his newly developed mobile showroom in Blinds Mornington. The instant popularity of this concept saw additional staff join the team and a new location. This was the start of a promising family business that continues today Curtains Near me.

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Colourful curtains give you all the privacy and convenience you need, as well as transforming your room without having to resort to a full decorating job. An easy way to add brightness and personality to your room, it's not hard to see why they're a key item for the modern home once more. Take a look at our gallery online to help you choose the best product for you. Ready for a room transformation? Contact our team today at 03 5975 4665 for an obligation-free discussion regarding the best curtain accessories for your needs.