Women having vulvodynia frequently experience daily vaginal discomfort without identifying the exact reason. Chronic vulvar pain negatively impacts relations, fertility, and wellness. Women undergoing vulvodynia can likewise endure depression and anxiety. The issue arises, is anxiety influencing vulvodynia? However, there lie diverse causes for vulvar pain, studies reveal a link between vulvodynia and anxiety.

Relationship between Vulvodynia and Anxiety:

Women experiencing vulvodynia encounter extra mental distress as stated by numerous investigations. Yet the specific causal connection between vulvodynia and anxiety was not understood for a prolonged time. However, research declared by the Journal of Women's Health revealed that females formerly diagnosed with an anxiety disorder were at an extended risk of grasping vulvodynia.

The investigation made arrangements to consider the age, culture, literacy, and time of first sexual intercourse, and use of a tampon. Still, with these regulations, the outcomes explained that ladies with past anxiety or temper disorders happened to be four times more defenseless to receive chronic vulvar pain.

It also pointed out that the advancement of vulvodynia likewise raised the chance of amplifying anxiety and depression. The research demonstrated a causal association between vulvodynia and anxiety, which cannot be overlooked.

Women who experience vulvodynia can encounter anxiety too. Both situations have close bonds, according to psychology.

Terror of Sexual Intimacy:

Pain-related stress linked with vulvodynia causes fear of physical intercourse. If each time you are turned on produces the pain symptoms, you might develop an abomination to affection over time. 45% of the females in research led by Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson medical school couldn't interlace in intimate activities due to similar causes for vulvar pain.

By not interlocking in sexual closeness, it wrecks a woman's image of herself. The continuous pain, coupled with the worry of pain during intercourse, may further give rise to vaginismus. All of this causes sexual penetration to become impracticable and intimate orgasm baffling.

How can Harbor Compounding Pharmacy help you treat vulvodynia?

Baclofen Vaginal Cream for Vulvar Pain:

This cream has bestowed promising effects in clinical usage and has been proclaimed to efficiently reduce discomfort from vulvodynia when used in combination with the substance palmitoylethanolamide (PEA). Right now, baclofen cream is commercially unavailable. But with a doctor’s prescription, this cream can be compounded at compounding pharmacies such as Harbor Compounding Pharmacy.

PEA Supplements:

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is a non-synthetic cannabinoid present in human bodies. These kinds of particles are considered to have anti-inflammatory, and support in repressing overactive inflammatory responses. Due to its efficacy, it has continued getting quite some attention.

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