It is only lately that SMP has formed its way into households, making a stable name. And in actuality, it is the hair loss solution that runs a little like a tattoo. It is essential to know that some crucial variations set it aside from the standard needle and ink trade.

Scalp micropigmentation is performed using a machine fitted with a microneedle. It runs by a set of tiny dots, resembling fake hair follicles, easily inserted just under the skin's surface on a patient's Scalp. The time it takes to give is anything between two to four hours for natural hair loss states. Usually speaking, two to four SMP sessions will consider your method complete.

Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments

Hair loss is a situation that strikes the world over. Yet, it occurs for a myriad of varied reasons and is not gender-biased. So who precisely is probably fit for scalp micropigmentation treatments?

  • Anyone enduring from pattern baldness, which occurs to be the most fundamental cause of hair loss and concerns both men and women alike
  • Alopecia patients, also usually known as patch baldness this debilitating state is believed to be linked to both hormones and heredity
  • SMP can help those grieving from a lack of mass
  • Scar concealing on the Scalp, usually caused by hair transplants
  • Scalp micropigmentation can link the gap between hair loss induced by medications and regrowth

How Does SMP Differ From Other Hair Transplant Treatments?

Scalp micropigmentation gives one variation to the hair restoration industries that others just can not. It is the treatment that is assured to work. Because it covers the difficulty hair loss incites, there is no weak hope of increasing new hair growth, just a mere contract that you will leave our practice with a keeping-free look for times to come.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation a Safe Method?

Given you practice full due attention when choosing your practitioner, SMP is not only highly safe. It is also holistic. However, it is vital to ensure you get a precisely managed method to avoid any inevitable accidents. When considering security, some minimal risk parts are included apart from the young, clean syringes, sterile conditions, etc. However, using an underqualified specialist for treatment appears with the risk of poorly managed SMP. This can produce an unmeasurable loss to your well-being and excited state.

Fast Facts on the Advantages of SMP for Hair Loss

  • It seems finally natural and genuine. Often it is the same as that of an actual hairline
  • The restorative times added to this modern and non-invasive treatment are active
  • Results are both immediate and confirmed
  • Once the healing method and aftercare routines are terminated, your method is keeping free until it is time for the top to ups
  • And lastly, as far as hair loss solutions go, scalp micropigmentation is incredibly affordable.


Therefore, these are the benefits of scalp micropigmentation, thus being one of the best methods for halting hair fall. I hope this has provided you the information that you desired to know. Contact us for more precise info and cost and book your appointments.