OnlyFans is one of the most well-known content subscription sites in the world. Models and influencers and stars can post exclusive content in the form of photos and videos. Users can access high-quality content by joining a monthly or annual subscription plan. London-based OnlyFans has made $1.7 billion worth of peer-to-peer deals for content creators.

What are the benefits to entrepreneurs by creating a Platform like OnlyFans?

· Multiple sources of revenue — by collecting commissions from content creators, ads, content license fees, and transaction processing fees.

· Can be easily impressed — regulars and celebrities are constantly releasing content on the OnlyFans clone platform.

· A site like OnlyFans promotes free speech — no censorship of content. So, you can easily add more users to post real and original content.

· Content creators are protected from problems — copyright infringement and duplication may lead to overconfidence.

Key features of an OnlyFans clone platform

· 80:20 revenue-sharing model retains 80% of the revenue for the original creators from the content and 20% for the site like OnlyFans for customer support, maintenance services, and payment processing,

· 5% flat commission on each recommendation made by an existing user to a new member.

· Extra revenue for content creators with tips for paying per view messages and live to stream of videos.

· Regular payments for daily, weekly, or monthly influencers and models.

· Follow the guidelines of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act on copyright and property ownership.

· A social media login option with Facebook, Google, and Twitter numbers.

· Accepts multiple payment methods from users to access premium content. Transactions processed with Discover, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, and other debit and credit cards are allowed.

Final thoughts

Business opportunities for launching content subscription sites like OnlyFans, are promising for entrepreneurs. They can complete all their goals by kickstarting the development of a profitable OnlyFans clone operating system in collaboration with a qualified application development company.