Microsoft Windows 10 starts displays when it freezes and we then were unable to do anything not even click on any icon to work. But we no longer require worrying about in Microsoft Windows 10. Windows 10 was the best for Microsoft's most reliable consumer operating system. Microsoft has been offering us this operating system for three years. With those three years, Microsoft has given us lock-ups with enough information on its screen. The operating system has a good amount of information about teething issues and problems with updates; it has issues system crashes, and many more. The only issue that appears frequently on some laptops and PCs is freezing or locking up on the home screen. office key subscription free download

When you start your system for the first time and you move around the desktop screen and all of a sudden you feel nothing everything seems to work like frost on that screen not even a click or the start button works. Now the question is how it works and how to fix it, now in Windows 10 it becomes very easy, with the assist of the keyboard you can quickly solve this issue. If the Start menu has been locked, then here are the guidelines on how to thaw it on Windows 10.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc together to open Task Manager.
  • Click on more information to see the procedure in progress in details.
  • Now find and click on Windows Explorer in the list, now right click and select to restart.

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The main Windows interface that works when you start your system and move to the desktop screen or start screen is Windows Explorer, restarting it through Task Manager will solve the issue. Well, look at the start menu and the taskbar will disappear and therefore it will appear again. Well everything works fine as before. If the issue persists, repeat the same procedure until it starts to work fine. www office com setup

If the above guideline did not work, turn the system off and then restart it or you can also hold down your computer's power button for a long time, maybe for 4-5 seconds, eventually, the system will turn off.

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