Stainless steel devices require a bit better than just a sponge-wipe off. However, you do not require toxic chemicals to get the job done. If you have vinegar and butter, so you've got everything you need.

It's green safe, which only needs a few minutes. Imagine that it will leave the device looking sticky, but the machine would not feel dirty at all if you clean it down properly. I didn't believe it until I tried it, too. The effects are fantastic, plus the mixture of oil and vinegar keeps Smudge Proof Appliances, and you don't have to brush as much as possible.

How to use oil and vinegar with your appliances

Phase 1: Wash off the equipment covered in white vinegar with a cotton rag. Make sure to rub in the direction of the "material" of the stainless steel. If you look closely at the product, the hue of the stainless steel can reveal tiny little variances. These variations in color shape lines that go in one direction. This is the plant. When washing your stainless steel, always frot in the direction the lines point.

Phase 2: Garnish another clean cotton cloth with olive oil or mineral oil and rub around the string. Wipe the place clean with a fresh tissue when you're finished.
When they manifest, these two oils don't yellow and have a protective layer to avoid moisture exposure. I stay in a tropical environment, and if I don't handle it, my stainless steel seems to get little patches of corrosion.

When your devices start looking a little dirty, reapply again. How much you reapply depends on how often the appliance is being used, but in most households, the procedure will last for a few weeks.

We purchased a new stainless steel refrigerator a few weeks ago. I was so happy about it, but about an hour after it was mounted, I found it was littered with fingerprints and smudges, which wouldn't! To see what would get rid of the stains and keep the prints at bay, I did a little research. As usual ... Everything begins with vinegar. The first thing you need to do is spray vinegar over your stainless steel, then scrub it off. Now we're going to be becoming a little different. You 're going to need some olive oil ... yep, olive oil, and an excellent clean rag.

Place some olive oil onto your clean fabric and mix with the grain onto your stainless steel. The grain runs side by side for me, and that's how I wanted to rub the olive oil on my refrigerator onto the stainless steel. Now take a good, clean cloth and buff your refrigerator. You strip some olive oil, but some remain behind to keep fingerprints and smudges from developing. The time you reach it!