Mobile Apps are the main part of any business and hence the demand for the mobile apps has drastically increased, the need would be to develop the mobile apps faster and easier .There are different ways to develop the mobile apps and we one of the best mobile app development companies in dubai are listing some of the methods that the mobile apps can be developed easier and faster

Here goes the top Methodologies

Low level Coding

This is a very complicated method of developing the app since developing apps using this method would be difficult,expert developers are required to develop apps with this methodology,there is a advantage in Low leveling coding , the flexibility with this method would be more

Some of the pros and cons for the Low level coding

The App Creation has to be done from the scratch,biggest con since expert developer only can do that

But the benefit is you have the flexibility through this method is higher

This app is best suited for augmented reality app or a game with the frame rate low to millisecond

They are the most expensive and time consuming apps that are built using this methodology

Hybrid Apps

This methodology allows to you develop the app once and use it in different platforms ,it is as simple as you code once and use the code for android,ios and web also

Since the coding is based on javascript you dont need to have the expert mobile app developers for this methodology web developers can also maintain this

The flexibility levels are still good in this methodology

Rapid App Development

The rapid app development tools are used in this methodology,Several tools like Outsystems,kenveys,these allows you make mobile apps with intuitive interface The advantage is that you dont have to be completely technical to build the apps The understanding of the technical stuff forr building the apps will be less than that of what one should have during the hybrid app development,the endpoint is that you dont have to learn coding for every thing.The RAD gives you pre built functionality making the development of the apps faster, uploading the apps in the appstore faster The only stuff that would be the concern is the cost for the development and the tools


We brillmindz one of the best mobile app development companies in dubai have listed the methodologies that are familiar in building the mobile apps and we are capable of building the mobile apps with all the above technologies