Leather Talks offers a range of genuine handcrafted leather products – that include leather bags, belts, handbags, travel luggage, laptop bags and more. Simply buying a product is only half the deal, maintaining it completes the cycle.

Read on to learn how you can care for your leather accessories and use them for a long time to come.

Cleaning your leather bag

Since you have invested in a leather beauty – don’t be afraid to show it some love and care. Cleaning your leather bag may seem to be like high maintenance, but once you get the hang of it, there is no looking back.

To clean your leather bag you will require a soft clean cloth, a leather cleaning solution and some leather conditioner. It is best to use clean hands when cleaning your leather bag.

• Start with dampening a soft cloth with some leather cleaning solution. Softly wipe the entire outside surface of the bag with the solution.

• Then take a section of the soft cloth and dampen it with some conditioner. Again wipe the outside of the bag with in circular motions with the conditioner.

• Once done, leave it to air dry in a shaded place for about 10-15 minutes.

Use your spotless and freshly cleaned bag as usual.

Storing your leather bag

When storing your leather bag there are some things that you can keep in mind that will help elongate its durability. These points are:

• Try and take out all the contents of your leather bag and then store it.

• Stuffing your leather bag with air pockets, bubble wrap or even newspaper is a good idea as it helps keep the shape of the bag without severe creasing. Remember to not overstuff your bag or the leather may get stretched and ultimately get deshaped.

• Keep your leather bag wrapped in a soft cotton pillow case or even parchment paper. Butter paper will work too. Avoid using wrapping your leather bag in newspaper as the chances of the ink from the paper smearing on the bag are higher.

Using a leather bag

Whether you use a leather laptop bag or a regular leather handbag – using it is easy and fuss-free. Just bear in mind a few things and this genuine product will see you through your lifetime.

• Leather is skin and it may have a tendency to stretch. Avoid overstuffing your bag with too many things to avoid this problem.

• Leather bags are sturdy, but keep them away from sharp things. Scratches on a bag may be caused by sharp objects which will hamper the beautiful craftsmanship of the piece.

• Keep your laptop bag away from water. If your laptop bag gets caught in the rain, make sure to wipe it with a dry clean soft cloth as soon as you can.

• Since leather is a living thing, it may contract fungus during moist weather. Fungus is a sign that the product is made from genuine leather. Instead of throwing the bag away, just wipe it with some cleaning solution and condition it with some conditioner and it will be as good as new to use.

Leather Talks – a world of genuine leather awaits.