The OTT platforms have taken over the place of regular television setup by making all the shows, series, and movies available in it. The rise of OTT has given a different sphere of approach for all the film makers. The year 2020 is a landmark year in the history of OTT platforms. The pandemic situation has made people stay in shelters. This is the time when movies and series started getting launched at a high pace. The digital era has changed the way of watching movies. Instead of theatrical releases, movies started releasing directly on video streaming platforms.

After years of being a TV based household, people now shifted towards Video streaming apps to watch their movies and series. According to statistics of Fortune Business Insights, the number of OTT users is expected to reach a height of USD 842.93 billion by 2027. Video streaming apps operate based on the subscriptions made by the users. The users have to pay according to the plans they choose with their OTT. How about using a video streaming app free of cost? Yes, with Crackle the users can watch various shows without paying a penny to the app. Quite interesting, right! The concept of crackle would have cracked your mind. Here’s what you need to know for developing a video streaming app like Crackle

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