Brother printers are popular as they measure up to users’ expectations. The Brother printers offer not just modern printing features but superb print quality also. Almost everyone loves having a Brother printer, but no one likes the emergence of the error code on Brother printers. The article includes the solutions to Brother printer error code 57. We will talk about the Canon printer error code 57 and how to fix it. To help you better understand the causes of the error, we have given the reasons behind the error also. Let’s take a look at the provided solutions in the article and fix the error code.

What Causes the Error Code 57 on Brother Printer?

One needs to know the reasons behind a specific problem before one starts to fix it. The better you understand the causes, the more easily you will be able to solve the problem. With this in mind, we have listed some basic reasons behind error 57 on the Brother printer. If your Brother printer is displaying the error code 57 on the screen, there may be something wrong with its hardware parts. The causes for the occurrence of the error code 57 are mentioned below:

  • When the paper chunks are stuck inside the paper, your Brother printer may display the error.
  • If any foreign object is lying inside the printer, the error may be visible on your Brother printer.
  • The paper jam can also lead to the emergence of the error code 57.

NOTE: If you do not have good knowledge about the printer’s hardware parts, you are recommended not to take risks and put these methods into action. In such a case, it may be right for you to contact Brother printer experts.

Easy Methods to Resolve the Error Code 57

After becoming aware of the causes for the appearance of the error code 57 on the Brother printer, we will now take a look at the methods to sort out the error. The Brother printer users can fix the issue by following the methods below.

Method 1

When a piece of paper is stuck inside the brother printer, you may encounter the error code 57. Eliminating the error code is easy. In order to shoo away the error, follow the instructions:

  1. The first thing a Brother printer user needs to do is remove the printer cover by plastic tabs attached on both ends.
  2. Place the printhead in the middle and then check if there is something stuck inside the Brother printer.
  3. If you find something lying inside your printer, you need to remove it out using a clip.
  4. Turn your Brother printer upside down so that anything stuck inside the printer may come out.
  5. Now, reboot your printer and computer.
  6. Check if the error code 57 has disappeared.
  7. Check the position of the encoder strip located inside your Brother printer.
  8. If the encoder strip is not in the right position, correct the position of the encoder strip.
  9. Now, start your printer. The issue is fixed.
  10. Your Brother printer will start functioning properly.

Method 2

Sometimes, the problem may be bigger than it seems. In order to fix the problem, we have provided a second method also. The paper jam is one of the most common causes for the occurrence of error code 57. Now is the time to read the steps carefully and follow them to fix the issue.

Steps to Pull Out the Jammed Paper inside the Paper Tray

Follow these steps:

  1. First, unplug the Brother printer from the primary power supply.
  2. Unplug all the USB cables from your Canon printer.
  3. You need to pull the paper tray.
  4. After that, you have to pull out the paper stuck inside it.
  5. Clear the paper tray and place the paper sheets onto the tray and place it back into the same position.
  6. Turn on your Brother printer.
  7. Your problem is fixed now. Start printing the documents.

Steps to Pull out the Paper Stuck inside the Printer Machine.

Follow the steps:

  1. First, turn off your Brother printer and disconnect its power cables from the wall outlet.
  2. Also, detach the USB cables attached to the computer.
  3. Now, you need to remove the paper jam clear cover located at the rear side of the printer.
  4. Pull out the paper that you find stuck inside.
  5. Insert the jam clear cover again.
  6. If you face any difficulty while removing the jammed paper, you need to lift the scanner cover from the right side.
  7. Check the position of the cartridge inside the printer.
  8. After that, close the scanner cover gently.
  9. Connect your Brother printer to the wall outlet and turn it on.
  10. Check if the error code 57 has disappeared.


The error code 57 is common on Brother printers. The article includes the methods to resolve the same error. We hope you like the methods discussed above.