Technology has revolutionized the way we approach people. In any business setting, the process of establishing a true relationship with the stakeholders plays a significant role in the long-term success of the company. Today, companies all over the world use various marketing techniques to stay connected with their clients and employees. There is extensive use of digital marketing tools to influence public opinion. However, these mediums are expensive. Spending such huge amounts to market one’s products and services is not possible for startups or small and medium enterprises. Such organisations can use customized note cards.

Folded note cards are nothing but a means of direct marketing. We all know that direct marketing is a tried and tested way of efficiently branding products and services. The practice of handing over a customized note card to your clients and employees on the right occasions can be a great tool to win their hearts. The culture of giving cards is symbolic of showing love and gratitude. So when you hand over beautifully designed customized note cards to your employees, customers, and stakeholders, you eventually try to create a bond with them. It helps in building a positive image and makes the recipients comfortable. Once your clients and employees become comfortable with your market space, they can openly communicate about their needs and expectations. It becomes easier for businesses to then come up with solutions that cater to their specific needs. This helps in building a trustworthy relationship with your stakeholders. However, there are few things that you must keep in mind while dealing with custom printed note cards to get the desired outcome.

Here are few tips to market your business with custom folded note cards:

  1. Categorize your note cards: There are various occasions when you can use a personalized note card as a marketing tool. You can use it after meeting a prospect, at networking events, as a token of gratitude, to welcome a new client or employee, etc. There are several applications of folded note cards. It all depends on your understanding and creative thinking. So, for the desired impression, make sure to categorize the note cards and use them specifically for a certain occasion. Using a generalized notecard may not be a good idea as sometimes the receiver might find it irrelevant. Be clear with when and how you want to use the customized notecard as it will help you in designing it even better.
  2. Use occasion-specific content: If you are going to categorize your note cards, it is also important to give special attention to the content. Make sure the content makes sense and is relevant to the occasion of it being handed over. Giving the right branding message at the right time helps in maximizing the impact of the folded note cards. It also makes the recipient feel that the folded note card addresses them directly which maximizes its impact.
  3. Make it simple and eye-catching: The beauty of the custom printed note card lies in its simplicity. The simpler you keep the design and layout, the more eye-catching it looks. Do not go over the top while designing the notecard. Try to keep it as simple as possible. Use classic and sophisticated color combinations with simple text and no image. You can add the logo of your brand but refrain from adding anything beyond that because the note card is all about the written message. So, make sure to use simple, comprehensive language with a powerful message. This will increase the weightage of your custom printed note cards.
  4. Use good quality material: All the above factors succumb to the quality of the material used to print folded note cards. If the quality of the notecards is not good, it will fail to impress the recipients. You have to make sure that you use good quality paper to print your marketing message, only then all the other elements of designing will come together. Also, poor quality material will reflect negatively on your brand and your campaign may backfire.
  5. Make it special: The best thing about a personalized note card is that it has the potential to make the recipients feel special. You can add the name of the recipient on the notecard to make it special and worth possessing. People will keep them for a long time if they see their names on the notecard. Hence exposing them to your marketing message for a long time. This will help in increasing the recall value of your brand.

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