Architects are the creators of any structures and buildings that exist in our surroundings to make our life simple, comfortable, and stylish. Most students join B Arch colleges in Madhya Pradesh as this field offers a host of lucrative and attractive jobs with a huge potential for future development. The course offered at any of the B Arch colleges in Gwalior is designed to fulfill the educational requirements of the professional certifying bodies. This study at college makes graduates well-versed in topics like safety management, spatial design, material management, aesthetics, and many more. Graduates need to be professional, artistic and have entrepreneur capabilities to excel in this field.

About the course

The course offered at any of the B Arch colleges in Madhya Pradesh is a professional course that provides deep insights while developing the skills and knowledge of its students. Graduates from the B Arch colleges in Gwalior may become architects or be viable to work in similar roles in the industry. For instance, architecture graduates can work as architectural historians, art directors, interior designers, researchers, architectural engineers, landscape designers, and more. India is expected to become the third-largest construction market by 2022 as per some estimates that offer a huge range of job profiles for suitable architecture professionals.

Job availability

Although this market is at present in a slump like most others due to the raging pandemic, jobs are available for graduates from suitable B Arch colleges in Madhya Pradesh. Graduates from good B Arch colleges in Gwalior with a reputation for producing quality professionals achieve the top-most jobs in the market. Jobs for such graduates are available both in the public and private sectors. The private sector hires them as urban designers, urban planners, junior architects, and project managers at various government departments, architecture companies, and firms. They also find work as structural engineers, land developers, and civil engineers in this sector.

Job suitability

Jobs for graduates from the B Arch colleges in Gwalior are available for office work or construction sites. The dream of any graduate from the B Arch colleges in Madhya Pradesh is to work for the best-paying company. The work at a construction company allows one to work independently and earn through consultancy charges as per their skills and experience. The work of an architect is not limited to designing corporate workplaces but also to design hotels, hospitals, shopping complexes, schools, houses, apartments, industrial complexes, and more. Depending upon the role and company, a varying salary of around INR 2 to 24 lakhs per annum can be expected.

Private or Government jobs

Graduates from the B Arch colleges in Gwalior or any B Arch colleges in Madhya Pradesh work at both private and government jobs. A few also find work as lecturers once they have finished further and higher education. Depending upon your personal choice and balance between money, job stability, role, and additional perks, one chooses either of these jobs. Private jobs provide a lot of options to a professional to handle a variety of construction projects while paying usually better but with a lot of tension and responsibilities. While the government jobs make one a master of their particular field while offering better job security and other benefits.

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