Head of the state civil service agency bima haria wibisana, ensured that this portal would make it easier for participants to carry out the registration process centrally through the sscasn website, sscasn.Go.Id, which is managed by bkn. “during the skb, I got a score of 360, the highest in the pgsd formation in sragen regency. All of that thanks to the knowledge I got from kitalulus,” said intan purnomosari, one of the thousands of kitalulus students who passed to become civil servants. In addition, kitalulus also provides a free practice question program and video discussion about the questions in it. Kitalulus is committed to assisting the selection participants in preparing themselves to pass the selection in a comfortable and practical way. The phenomenon in the field shows that the registration of cpns is always in high demand.

In order to promote the pertinence of testing projects, certain test selection criterion is always adopted in test generation process to produce finite and indispensable actual test cases. It is quite propitious for performing feasible testing projects under constraint of testing execution time and cost. Generally, test selection for function testing is classified as test purposed oriented methods , random testing methods , property coverage based methods , and symbolic test data selection methods .

Acting jakarta governor, saefullah, officially opened the implementation of jakarta pendaftaran cpns 2021 selection at the office of south jakarta mayor, wednesday (10/31). Then, 49 agencies have proposed and are in the process of completing documents, as well as 32 agencies that did not propose the need for asn. “the number of plans for the determination of the central government is 69,684, with details of 61,129 for 56 ministries / agencies and 8,555 for 8 official schools,” he said again.

Meanwhile, the ioco test selection method also presents explicit way to decide the conformance relation via test output and test oracle and indicate whether the test purpose is covered. Finally, if no further transitions could fire, that is, a termination marking is reached, the synchronized simulation procedure will terminate. If this final marking represents a valid termination of test purpose directed system behavioral execution, a final ct-cpntc test case model covering specific test purpose is generated. Otherwise, if this final marking happens to stand for an invalid deadlock scenario, we need to improve the accuracy of both models and perform the synchronized simulation procedure again.

We also prove the coverage towards test purpose; that is, generated test cases should cover and only cover functional behaviors which are specified in test purpose models. We finally apply the test selection method into a file sharing software system to illustrate its feasibility and effectiveness. The intuitive idea of our test selection method is essentially a synchronized traversal between a ct-cpns model and a ct-cpntp model. It is performed by model simulation execution under given initial markings in these two models.