The framework of our cpn model based ioco test selection method is introduced in section 3. The formal definition of ct-cpn models and pn-ioco relation is recalled in section 4 as basic knowledge. Then, in section 5, a novel test case selection algorithm is proposed using synchronized simulation technology in cpn modeling context to guarantee that all test cases are feasible for practical test execution and totally cover test purposes.

This determination plan is a formation submitted by ministries / agencies, regional governments, or other government agencies. There are a number of documents that are required to take part in the 2021 cpns selection. Meanwhile, the selection process for non-teacher cpns and pppk is planned for july-october 2021. Whereas for pppk teachers, there are three stages of selection carried out, namely stage 1 in august 2021, stage 2 in october 2021, and stage 3 december 2021. Just like the previous year, the implementation of the 2021 cpns recruitment will also be held with the implementation of the covid-19 prevention health program. In addition to the recruitment of cpns, kemenpan rb also ensures that this year there will be a recruitment of government employees with a work agreement .

Competition is getting tighter because the number of formations opened follows the needs of each government agency. The national civil service agency confirmed that at least 117 candidates for civil servant candidates who are currently following the positive selection process are exposed to the corona virus or covid-19. The bkn data center recorded that 4,436,694 people apply for the 2018 cpns recruitment. From this number, 3,782,685 applicants have selected the institutions, and 3,627,981 among them had submitted the application documents, as stated in the press release on tuesday (10/16). Head of public relations bureau of national civil servant agency , mohammad ridwan, in a press release, stated that this year’s applicants for civil servants candidates have broken the record for the most applicants in the history.

To develop a test purpose model oriented ioco test selection method, we need considering simulation paths in ct-cpns model and ct-cpntp model at the same time. The reason is that the simulation in the ct-cpns model reflects actual execution paths of a software system, including real input and output data, which is the basis of test case generation. However, the simulation in the ct-cpntp model conducts to select expected execution paths among all enabled paths. Thus, test generation scope is well constrained into those software behaviors we want to test does not consider other behaviors which are not specified in test purpose models. To accomplish such goal, the ct-cpns model and the ct-cpntp model should simulate in a synchronized way.

In section 6, we prove the soundness of test generation and the coverage degree towards test purposes. As a representative, we apply the test selection method into a file sharing software system and perform its actual test selection and execution procedure to illustrate the feasibility and effectiveness of our test selection method. Petri nets (ct-cpn) models are used as formal models for modeling software specification, and pn-ioco relation is defined . Then, we model test purposes as ct-cpn models, and test cases are generated using synchronized model simulation between a specification ct-cpn model and a test purpose ct-cpn model. Besides, we prove the soundness of test generation; that is, as long as the implementation fails one test case, it will definitely not conform to its specification.

After the rebuttal period is over, the applicants will pass the basic competency selection , then narrow it to the field competency selection . Head of the dki chaidir regional civil service agency explained that the most factor in the failure of applicants to pass the administrative selection is the mistake in the formation of positions when applying. It should be noted that as ct-cpntp model is constructed from its corresponding ct-cpns model, when valid specific initial markings are assigned in actual sscn bkn 2021 model and ct-cpntp model, at least one sptrace exists definitely, so at least one test case model is generated. Given sets of initial markings, several test case models covering specific test purposes are generated consequently.

Tjahjo said admissions were closed this year because last year's cpns recruitment process had been delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic. Its implementation was directly monitored by jakarta bpkp that is officially assigned by the central government and the city government as the executor. In details, 34 participants are disabled people and 194 others are ex-honorary of category 2 workers, the test is slated to be held on october 31-november 5, 2018. "The basic competency selection was attended by 25,906 participants," he expressed, wednesday (10/31).