Bee Honey is a sweet product formed by the laborious honey bees from the nectar of flowers - bee honey. A number of species of honey bees participate in the formation of honey which is later on collected by the beekeepers and finally consumed by humans. Honey was used as an ointment for curing rashes, burns and sore throats.

Bee honey has been used as a food product by human since ancient times and is used as a flavouring agent in a number of food fruits as well as in a number of beverages. It also deserves a special place in religion and culture. It is also used for treatment of a number of diseases. Presence of pollens and spores in honey determine its floral sources. It is formed by bees as a source of food - world best honey.

Bee honey is a natural product produced by bees and is a good source of a number of essential elements. It is good for health so must be included in diet. Honey actually contains some of the insects' enzymes, as well as a number of sugars, water and even oil. The process of manufacture is a wonder too. Bees fly from flower to flower. Along the way the bee extract some of the nectar from each of the plants using their very long tongues. For more information, please visit our site