Religious paintings are expressions of religious themes and principles from the perspective of individuals who are of different denominations and religious groups. Religious paintings are used for both decorative and reflective purposes. As it relates to decorations, paintings are usually hung on the sidewalls of churches and they depict scenes that can be found in both the Old and New Testaments. Outside of the context of the church, there are some individuals who use religious paintings to decorate the interior of their homes. Some say the paintings create an atmosphere that connects their minds with the realm of the spirit like the Buddhist and Islamic paintings which are widely used for meditation purposes. Whatever the purpose however, religious paintings are generally used to expound the moral message of the religion that is being purported by the painter. They do not always depict stories and personalities that are found in the holy books, but they also depict the lifestyle of different religious groups like Muslims worshiping at the mosque and highlights of a typical Catholic wedding.