Sachiya Steel International is one of the pioneer whole seller and dealer of Hastelloy X Angle Other Products, where its behavior occurs as a consequence of the precipitation of deleterious phases. When exposed for prolonged periods at intermediate temperatures, Hastelloy X Angle exhibits a loss of room temperature ductility in much the same fashion as some other solid – solution –strengthened super alloys.

Wear results shown in Hastelloy X Chain is generated for standard matching material room – temperature pin on disc tests, where wear depths are given as a function of applied load. The results indicate that Hastelloy X C-Channel is superior in galling resistance to many materials and is surpassed, which were specifically designed to have excellent wear resistance. Hastelloy X I-Beam are work harden rapidly during machining and require more power to cut than do the plain carbon steels.

Hastelloy X Angle | Hastelloy X Angle | Hastelloy X Angle| Hastelloy X Angle

Hastelloy X T-Beam is ‘gummy,’ with chips that tend to be stringy and tough, where machine tools should be rigid and used to no more than 75 % of their rated capacity. Both work piece and tool in Hastelloy X H-Beam should be held rigidly, and so tool overhang should be minimized. Rigidity of Alloy X Chain is particularly important when machining titanium, as titanium has a much lower modulus of elasticity than either steel or nickel alloys. Slender work pieces of titanium in Alloy X Angle tend to deflect under tool pressures causing chatter, tool rubbing and tolerance problems.

Hastelloy X Angle, Channel, Beam, Chain Specifications

Specifications : ASTM B572 / ASME B572
Dimensions : EN, DIN, JIS, ASTM, BS, ASME, AISI
Hastelloy X Angle
: 5mm to 9mm
Hastelloy X Channel
: 40mm*20mm~300mm*300mm
Hastelloy X Beam : 3″ thru 12.31″
Hastelloy X Chain
: 1/8 inch – 1/2 inch Diameter
: 3.0mm – 120mm
Length : 3MTR, 4MTR, 5MTR, 6MTR, or Custom Cut Sizes
Type : Angle, C Channel, U Channel, H Beam, I Beam, T Beam, W Beam, Chain