Introducing the 3L Electric Pressure Cooker to cook with ease and serve with style. Everything and anything is made easy with this great kitchen appliance. Easy to handle and easy to use, this is your ultimate savior during times of need.

Style with substance - the specifications include:

  • 1300 W heating ring for quick and even cooking
  • One-button anti-scalding pressure release
  • Durable non-stick pot
  • Large, insulated handle
  • Anti-skid base for added safety
  • Length: 36 cm, Breadth: 36 cm, Height: 31 cm, Weight: 5 kg.

The 3L Electric pressure cooker has a unique 1300-watt heating ‘ring’ that cooks quickly, but uniformly, so every dish is perfectly made, without nutrition loss. Also it comes with dual lids and 7 safety guard lids to ensure complete protection.

The smart electric pressure cooker is just of the Goldilocks size. Neither too big nor too small. Simply perfect for a nuclear family or as a backup for when you have to make a big meal and your regular cooker is overworked. Very portable and can be easily carried anywhere. The 5 preset menus, clutter free menu, time-saving and nutrition preserving attributes, just adds to the glory of the product.

The Geek Robocook Glam can sauté, pressure cook, keep food warm. Finally move your food to the dining table and tada, a chic, elegant cuisine is ready!