MSME Full Form in Hindi We often hear that the government announced this for MSME-MSME. He made that decision for MSME. Solved the problem of MSME traders. MSMEs contribute significantly to the country's economy. MSMEs play an important role in India's GDP, etc. These sentences are seen and heard in television, radio and newspapers. But do you know what is called MSME-MSME? In this article, we will tell you what is MSME-MSME and what is the definition of classifying MSME. First of all understand the full form of MSME - Full Form of MSME, then you will be easy to know further. MSME's fullform is Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises - Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise. It is called micro, small and medium scale industry in Hindi. If you want to understand it in a more simple language, then we call MSME in small and medium industries / businesses in very easy language. The MSME industry is a locally conducted industry. This type of industry can be easily operated even in less space through fewer people. There are mainly two types of MSME industry.