Want to Merge PDF Files and Attachments of in Salesforce? FileZIPO, an external cloud storage solution helps admins to merge multiple files of any size and volume in few clicks.

User can perform multiple operations like

  1. ZIP Files – Zip multiple files in single or multiple folders (parent-child structure)
  2. Sync Files – Sync your Salesforce files & attachments with external cloud storage accounts, viz., OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox & Box.com. Access them any time within your Salesforce org with File ZIPO’s real-time sync.
  3. Backup Files – Salesforce storage is limited & expensive. Backup your Salesforce files of any size or volume to an external cloud or on-premise storage hassle-free.
  4. Archive Files – Sync all your legacy Salesforce files & attachments to external cloud storage to access & manage them at one place, hassle-free..
  5. Transfer files from Salesforce to External Platforms like DropBox, Box.com, Amazon S3, Google Drive.
  6. Transfer files from External Platforms like DropBox, Box.com, Amazon S3, Google Drive to Salesforce.

This app is a shorter route to perform mass operations like ZIP, Sync, Backup, Archive, Transfer, Report on Files & Attachments. It will reduce manual effort & increase productivity for end users.

Scenario: I need to merge multiples files/attachments to generate a Single PDF document

Few Simple Steps to Merge Files in Salesforce using File ZIPO: