Bluetooth mouse are best for a cable-free desk and also for the laptop touchpad. There are so many reasons if Bluetooth mouse stops working. And for help, user can hit on find the free key with download.

Way To Resolve If Bluetooth Mouse is not Working:

  • Update Bluetooth Driver:

You have to go to Search, then type device manager and after this, open Device Manager. Now, you have to find your Bluetooth mouse, and just right-click on it and then select Update driver software. After this, you need to Apply the updates if you find any. At last, you need to Restart your computer system and then again try to connect your Bluetooth mouse.

  • Change Power and Sleep Settings:

You have to open the Settings app and then click on System. After this, you have to Navigate to the Power & Sleep tab. Now, you have to uncheck both On battery power, stay connected to WiFi while asleep and also When plugged-in, stay connected to WiFi while asleep options.

  • Check if Bluetooth Service is Running:

First, you need to press Windows key + R in order to open the Run command line. Now in the command line, you have to type services.msc and then press Enter. After this, you have to go to Bluetooth support service. Remember, it is set to be started. In case you find it is not started, then right-click on it and then choose Start. For more info, tap on www office com setup.

  • Run System Troubleshooter:

You need to open Settings. Then, you have to click on Update & security. Now, you have to choose Troubleshoot from the left side of the screen. At this point, you need to click on Run the troubleshooter which is under the Bluetooth icon. At last, you should follow the instructions to complete the process.

  • Restart Bluetooth Mouse:

First of all, you should go to Search, then type control panel and after this, open Control Panel. After this, you have to go to Hardware and Sound and then hit on Bluetooth Devices. Now, you have to select your Bluetooth mouse and then select Remove option. At this point, you have to click on Add, reset the device, and then select the My device is set up and ready to be found check box, and then hit on Next option. In case, you do not found the device then restart it. If the device is found, then select it and then tap on Next option. At last, you need to follow the installation instructions in the wizard.

  • Roll Back your Drivers:

For this, you need to right-click on the Start button and then open Device Manager. After this, you should look for your Bluetooth mouse. Now, you have to right-click on your Bluetooth driver and then choose Properties. Here under the Driver tab, you need to choose to Roll back driver. At this point, you need to follow the on-screen instructions and then Restart your computer system.

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  • Change Power Management Options:

You should right-click on the Start button and then visit to Device Manager. Now in the Device Manager, you should double-click on USB Hub device in order to open its properties. After this, go to the Power Management tab and then uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. At last, tap on OK to save changes.

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