It’s easy to monitor your preschooler’s physical development as he or they grow taller, bigger, and stronger. But how can you measure your child’s development in other areas? For example, can you tell if their social and emotional development is on track for their age? As your child’s parent and first teacher, you’re in a good position to observe and assess whether their developing skills are appropriate for children between 3 and 4 years old. The milestones and tips that follow will help you understand what your child should be doing and learning – and how you can support his or her development.


It’s helpful to know what social and emotional skills your child should be developing by age 3 or 4. Review the following milestones for a child’s social and emotional skills, and note how your child is doing in each area.

My child:

  • Can correctly state his/her gender and age.
  • Can recite his/her first and last names, and the names of parents.
  • Takes care of his/her own needs, such as washing hands and dressing.
  • Enjoys helping with household tasks.
  • Adjusts to new situations without an adult being present.
  • Is starting to notice other people’s moods and feelings.
  • Is beginning to recognize his/her limits and ask others for help.
  • Is starting to learn to take turns, share, and cooperate.
  • Expresses anger with words rather than acting out physically.

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