The name Event DJ stems from the German pronunciation of the word der (day) and is used to describe a DJ who provides entertainment at corporate events and conferences. DJ stands for "deejay", which literally means playing one. An event DJ is also known as a "fuehrer", which translates into "captain". As a leader, an event DJ is responsible for the smooth running of a party.

Die Werk Humper is a popular DJ in Germany. He operates out of the city of Frankfurt. His musical interests include house, hip hop, techno, pop, reggae, as well as classical music. Prior to starting as a DJ, he was an electric technician and worked with the military. He has mastered many of the popular dance tracks of our time including "ibelobes" by Don Henley, "Take Me Away" by Coldplay, and "I Just Had To See" by Skrillex.

Most event DJs now have their own DJ equipment as well as mixers and headphones. However, many still prefer to use the traditional DJ equipment because it has a familiar and recognizable feel to it. This can be attributed to years of experience. Frankfurt most famous DJs are Fabio and Kodee, whose musical tastes are influenced by international pop and rock.

Event DJ Frankfurt started his musical career in the late eighties as a counter rhythm guitarist in a local band. It wasn't long before he was playing live in clubs and parties around the region. He gained popularity when he began to perform at the Berghain Club in Gera, where hisding legends "Zwischen Rapopilot" (erman gegen den Riesen) were performing. The club became an instant hit and soon thereafter became one of the biggest venues in central Europe. Several other DJs from around the region also became instant sensations, and als Freundtag and Peter Esterer performed there as well.

Frankfurt also has its share of world-famous DJs. Armin van Buenventura, who is originally from Holland, has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Music Director for his work with Cieaura and led the charge in the worldwide spread of House and techno music. Paul Wintersteen and Barry White have made their homes in the city, and they regularly headline popular festivals such as the VooDisco Music Festival. Current crop of event DJ's hail from Britain, including Alex Turner and Danny Simpson, with London based duo Schon & de Goede recently having a smashing time at Reading Festival.

Event DJ's in Frankfurt and Germany includes Julian Bream, whose credits include appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, and Howard Stern's program, Ask Dad. His energetic set, featuring dance music and dance breakcore, is well known worldwide. Julian Bream's Berlin home-base is Kulturezrat, a club which is regarded as one of the most happening clubs in the region. Other notable djs include Hansi Koolhaas and Oliver Engien, with the latter having performed at the same club, Neue Musikarten, in Wuerzburg, since 1986.

Immer is another club that has a knack for keeping things lively, thanks to the likes of Oliver Engien and Hansi Koolhaas. Oliver Engien is from Auckland, New Zealand, while Hansi Koolhaas hails from Tel Aviv, Israel. Immer was formed by Karim Albers, who own the nightclub Albers-Revere, as well as Karim van den Acker. The club is located in Neurstock-WERden and continues to impress tourists from around the globe.

Berlin's district of Neurstock-WERden is another hotspot for young, hip and talented DJs. Neurstock, the first nightclub in Berlin, which became famous among German youngsters, closed in 2021, shortly after it was opened. It was completely revamped, with new rooms and a new look, and quickly became popular again among the young generation. Immer, or Neurstock-WERden as it is called there, has since become the city's main attraction, and remains to this day a magnet for international DJ's. Among the djs Frita, Schutzhund, and Oliver Engien has made a name for themselves in this part of Germany. Immer's popularity is owed largely to Karim Voss, who used to host the club on a weekly basis.