Wistia is a video hosting website and app that is literally on steroids. It is a video hosting platform that supports HTML5 and makes your videos viewable on a slew of non-Flash enabled devices, but the platform is inherently designed for SEO.


Starbucks joined the cross-platform capabilities of progressive web apps back in 2018, They gave the coffee-loving users ability to browse, research, and order coffee from the comfort of their favorite device. And it was just a matter of time before the company revealed that it saw massive success thanks to this rollout, including increased engagement and reduced development costs with the help of shared experience.


Flipboard, by harnessing the power of PWA, are able to seamlessly transform their curated news stories into a functional and attractive mobile experience. It is complete with large images, tap-to-read content, and lightning-fast navigation. The design is also smooth where most users will fail to recognize it as a PWA.


Who said Progressive Web Apps need to focus on e-commerce or website solutions? They can also deliver fast and seamless gaming experiences across platforms. Sudoku's PWA is a prime example.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the prime examples of a great web application. It is evident that Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics services offered by Google that can track and report website traffic.


Slack is one of those rare enterprise apps which went viral and attracted fame. Slack empowers you to discuss critical issues within your team and set private discussions.


KISSmetrics is a simple setup and configure tool that has plenty of options for segmentation and customization. It helps websites monitor and report on the key user experiences of their site.

Not every web application that gets online can gain success. The popularity and demand depend on not only the idea, purpose, and marketing efforts, but also on the technologies and the PWA web app development company which built it. And, in this technologically inclined modern world, development speed means everything.

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