If you want to get more traffic and sales to your ecommerce website, then on-page SEO is a critical first step.There’s a multitude of how-to articles and tutorials on the web offering general SEO advice, but far fewer that specifically address the needs of ecommerce entrepreneurs. Here is a list of SEO tips for ecommerce websites as propagated by the South Carolina SEO.

  • Focus on homepage SEO

The homepage is typically where most businesses focus their SEO budget and energy. While it is definitely one of the top pages of your website to optimize, it is by no means the only one you should focus on.That said, you do want to optimize your homepage well. The key things you want to add and optimize are include homepage title tag, homepage meta description, and homepage content.

  • Simplify your site architecture

As you are adding products and categories to your store, remember that site architecture plays an important role in search optimization. Particularly, you want to have a distinct hierarchy of navigation, from your homepage to product categories to the products listed within them. The rule of thumb for search engines and visitors is to make sure people can reach everything within three clicks. From the homepage, they should only have to make a maximum of three clicks to get to any product on your website.

  • Optimize product pages

Product pages are the lifeblood of your business, so you will want to focus a lot of your energy on optimizing them. Many ecommerce store owners simply write a few lines of text about each product and throw up an image or video.You need more information on your product pages so Google can find them.


You have to get people to your site before you can convert them on your offers. Beginning with ecommerce SEO sets you up for success.