It's like a concert pianist playing to an empty space if video material doesn't have closed captions (CC). You've put in a lot of effort into making an impressive video, but you're not reaching your intended audience. It's no longer a choice to build captioned content in today's hyper-connected world. People all over the world are actively interacting with content, and their desires, lifestyles, and methods of consuming video and streams are all different. Both of them can be reached by using captions!
Here are top reasons why captioning your videos is essential.
1. Make your content easy to engage
We don't always want our devices' speakers to be blaring. Captioning makes it possible for viewers to watch videos and streams, regardless of where they are or what they are doing. People can easily communicate with captions if they are on public transportation without earphones, in a quiet place where they can't play the sound, or just want to read along.

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