Different types of flowers such as Rose, Marigold, Sunflower, Jasmine, and Orchid exude a different charm to the decor.You can also choose artificial flowers as they are your golden ticket to having amazing monsoon-proof decor for your wedding. Artificial flowers are easily accessible and relatively cheaper than fresh florals too.You can hire a florist decorator if you want to decorate your wedding venues in different styles or ideas. They are experts and know which flowers are the best for mandap decor, centerpieces, and everything that has to do with it.Organize your wedding with flower decoration ideas; here you can see different flower decoration ideas.

Floral Chandelier:

Flower or Floral Chandeliers are in trend for wedding decorations. You can choose either artificial or real flowers for flower chandeliers. Yellow, White, or Orange GendaPhool chandeliers, white blooms on golden or silver metal, double-layered white and green ferns chandeliers are the best and trendy flower chandelier ideas.

Haldi Venue with Sunflower & Marigold:

Decorate your haldi venue with Sunflower and Marigold that gives vibrant look in a budget.These bright yellow flowers are the top choices for every wedding.Marigolds come in bright yellow, orange and are among the less expensive flowers used at weddings

Decorative Mandap:

The mandap is the most important part of the venue and wedding, so its decoration needs to stand out at all costs. To decorate your Mandap or your pavilion with a combination of different types of roses and flowers, it is best to give you fairy-tale inspired weddings.


Every girl wants a dreamy and dashing entry on her big day. Well, your decorator can help you get a different and best PhoolonkiChaadar, but you can also personalizeyourPhoolonkiChaadarby yourself. Brides love to make an entry with the DIY-umbrella ‘PhoolonkiChaadar’. Let’s try some different ‘PhoolonkiChaadar’DIYat your wedding with the help of the best florist decorator.

Flower Curtains:

The idea of Flower Curtain is something new and something different. Try hanging flowers to make curtains, strings and let people talk about your wedding. You can try Marigold or Jasmine Curtains at your wedding venue or ask your wedding florist to give some ideas. Jasmine curtains for your entrance gate are so elegant choice; every guest can enjoy their fragrance as when they enter the venue.

Ask your decorator to decorate your venue dining with carnations and roses, commonly used as centerpiece flowers and some scented candles. Your cake table should be more spectacular with the addition of fresh and colorful flowers.

Some other flower decoration ideas are flower wreath & garlands, dining tables, photo booths, entrance decorations, etc. Photo Booth is a unique idea and a stylish way to captures the moment and cherish the photos.


You can create ideas with your wedding flower decoration by placing flowers in small bunches and makes a bouquet. There are no wrong or right choices for wedding flowers. What matters is that it should match your wedding style or theme. You can consult with your wedding planner or florist decorator who guides you about the different types of looks and ideasthat can be created by using different flowers.