In olden times, people had to visit doctors in hospitals and cover long distances to reach the destination. Traveling to the destination involves traveling expenses, physical exhaustion, waiting in queues, etc. Thanks to modern technology! People can sit at home and book appointments and visit the doctors in the clinic or have a consultation at home itself, avoiding traveling costs. Hence, launching apps like Doctor on-demand clone will fetch a good profit while acting as a medium between doctors and patients.

Overview of Doctor on Demand Clone

Doctor on demand clone app is a one-stop solution to create your telemedical care to connect doctors and patients across several regions. It contains several features such as virtual consultation, e-prescriptions, appointment scheduling as per the convenience of app users, access to medical reports and health records. It offers high-quality features to give the users and app owners an equally satisfying experience.

How does the app work?

Sign up -Register through email, mobile number, or social media handle
Profile setup- Setup profile by entering a name, date of birth, gender, and past medical conditions, etc.
Answer questionnaires- Answer questionnaires regarding health conditions, symptoms, or allergies.
App Navigation- Navigate through the app to view and experience its various features.
Preferred time- Choose a convenient time for consultation.
Consultation confirmation- Confirm the doctor's consultation through call or SMS.
Cancellations- App users can cancel their appointment and receive a partial refund of fees.
Video consultations- Consult through video and get assessed.
Prescription- As the consultation gets over, the prescription is generated and delivered to the user.

Features of Doctor on Demand Clone

Registration- Register with name, gender, past medical conditions, available reports, details of a close hospital, contact number, etc,
Doctor search- App users can find doctors based on gender, specialty, availability, insurance, and language.
Appointment scheduler- Allows patients to schedule appointments with a preferred doctor.
Video conferencing- Users can consult doctors through video calls and assess symptoms, question their concerns, etc.
Audio consultations- Users can have their concerns addressed through audio calls.
In-app chat- Chat through messaging in the app with the doctors.
Record management- Users can manage doctor reports, prescriptions, and other medical records.
Ratings- This feature enables the doctor to know their performance level and make improvements.
Payments- Multiple payment options are provided and a bill is generated with a reference number.

Final Thoughts
Make doctor appointment booking and consultation process simple by launching Doctor on-demand clone app and connect doctors and patients irrespective of boundaries.