Whenever we are on the lookout for some long-lasting companions to complement our lifestyle, leather stationery governs our thoughts. But you might not have imagined using leather desk accessories & organizers ever. Thanks to the legacy of Leather Talks which has posed an incredible range of innovations to refine our standards.

Paper Tray III

Losing out on the important files remains the most committed mess during office hours. Now on, the chic leather stationery can help avert such clutter. Leather Talks’ Paper Tray III crafted from Genuine Leather keeps the most important files handy on the go. Moreover, its double-decker feature allows arranging files as per convenience now and then. The offering contains a drawer for stationary/desk nick nacks, with a velvet covering inside. This time onwards, do away with the fear of slithering with its anti-slip bottom!

Leather Organizer

Finding the ultimate leather stationery stays a well-fought challenge in the day-to-day life. Hence the genuine leather organizer to boast at the corporate meets or seminar. The chic accessory from the legacy of Leather Talks comes scrupulously detailed to lend an elegant and practical touch all in one go. It comprises a magnetic flap enclosure, 2 transparent pockets for holding ID cards, 3 card holding compartments, 1 flap to keep essential documents, 1 transparent flap, and a metallic 6 Ring Binder to carry the business organizer. The offering simply caters to a one-day-a-page format for improved management.


If you are finding it difficult to carry your stuff for various purposes, have a look at the quintessential leather stationery. The premium letterhead document file and folder come with a closure mechanism magnetic clip. Be it notepad or diary, the offering can hold everything in place while commuting. The choice is ideal for office, travel, home, meeting, or school.

Visiting Card Library

When you are in the rush to meet various clients, the essentials might not stay in the same place. But things can be better when you have a visiting card library. Made from genuine leather, the winsome item is one of the lists of leather desk accessories & organizers to declutter your important business cards. The leather stationery is manufactured from MDF with Genuine Leather encasing and intricate golden designs which replicate a vintage-style book. It contains 3 book-shaped visiting card holders and 1 case to hold the visiting card compartment. Lastly, it's all about pure leather!

Conference Folder IV

The Conference Folder IV in genuine leather is too good to carry in business meets or seminars. Compact and lightweight, the folder closely resembles a notebook. You can find it's inside being lined with genuine leather of contrasting green color. All you can discover in the product is an ID card holder, 1 hidden compartment, 1 pen holder loop, and 1 side flap to carry loose documents.

You can't find the right time to get on a buzz with leather desk accessories & organizers!