Medical marijuana has aided thousands of patients on their journey to relief from symptoms caused by chronic pain and illnesses. In 2016, Medical Marijuana Card was approved for use in the state of Florida, cannabis products were allowed, but strictly limited. Then in 2019, smokable flower was legalized. Many people that are suffering from chronic pain and illnesses do not realize that they may qualify to use medical marijuana to manage their illness. Some people are suffering and have not yet been diagnosed due to lack of resources or inadequate medical care. If you are suffering from a chronic illness or injury that is causing unpleasant symptoms you may qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg. My Florida Green can help you get the approval that you need even if you have not yet received a proper diagnosis.

Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg

What Medical Conditions Could Be Approved?

When medical marijuana first became legal in the state of Florida a list of qualifying conditions was composed. These conditions include:
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • ALS
  • Epilepsy
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • PTSD
  • Chronic Pain
Due to recent legal changes, thousands more patients, other than the aforementioned, now qualify to become Medical Marijuana Card Merritt Island patients. The list of qualifying conditions is still relevant but now approval is extended to patients who possess like conditions and/or symptoms. Medical Marijuana Card Merritt Island

Who Decide What is a Like Condition or Symptom?

This means that the doctor gets to decide if your condition is or isn’t like the previous conditions. The only way to truly know if your condition would benefit from the use of Medical Marijuana Card Palm Bay is to see a certified provider at My Florida Green. It does not mean you cannot get approved just because you have not yet been diagnosed. The doctors at My Florida Green can access, diagnose, and treat your symptoms easily with Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg. Visit MyFloridaGreen to use the qualifying conditions form on our website for more information. Expect a prompt reply with more information and details. Medical Marijuana Card Palm Bay

What Do Patients Do if They Think They Qualify?

The first step is to see a medical marijuana doctor to determine if Medical Marijuana Card Space Coast is an appropriate treatment for your chronic illness and/or injuries. Our Saint Petersburg location is at 1114 Central Ave. Suite K. Save time by filling out a registration form online. The completion of this form will provide our physicians with information they need to treat your condition using Medical Marijuana Card Palm Bay. You can even upload your medical record before your appointment to further expedite the process. Medical Marijuana Card Space Coast

My Florida Green Wants You to Get Approved

My Florida Green employs medical professionals who want you to get you approved for a treatment plan for Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg. We want to our patients to obtain a successful treatment for their chronic pain and illness. Our patients are grateful for the relief they have found in Medical Marijuana Card Merritt Island and we want to help anyone suffering experience the same results. If you are experiencing chronic health issues, even if you haven’t been diagnosed, you must reach out to us today. There is no reason to wait. Your information is kept private and confidential.

What Happens After My Appointment?

If the doctor does agree that using Medical Marijuana Card Palm Bay may be helpful in your specific health situation they will send their recommendation to the Florida Department of Health. At this point, all you need to do is wait for an approval email, of which contains information to complete your registration. There is $75 fee upon approval. After you complete your registration you will be given access to print out a temporary card.

Shop at Dispensaries in Saint Petersburg

As soon as you print out your medical marijuana card you are able to print your temporary Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg and shop at one of Saint Petersburg’s many dispensaries. You can smokable flower, concentrates, vaporizers, edibles, topical supplies, and more. Medical Marijuana Card

My Florida Green Can Get Your Approved

The only way to know if your condition qualifies is to schedule a visit with one of our certified medical marijuana professionals. My Florida Green wants to get approved so that you can experience the same relief as the 20,000 patients registered to use Medical Marijuana Card Palm Bay. Marijuana Card Reference