Is Fertility Screening important?

Parenting a child is the most divine and happy experience for a man and a woman.

But for some, this may not be very easy due to infertility in either of them or both. Infertility has become a serious issue today due to lifestyle changes, genetic reasons or unexplained medical conditions.

Men & women don’t often think about their fertility until they want to conceive. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem. However, women and men facing fertility issues often wish they would have gotten fertility testing sooner. Remember the old saying – A stitch in time, saves nine. Like how you should not wait until illness strikes to make healthy lifestyle choices, similarly, you shouldn’t wait until you see a series of negative pregnancy tests to visit our GarbhaGudi IVF Centre.

Proactive fertility testing can help you learn more about your reproductive health, including whether you might have any obstacles to future conception. It can even provide insight into how fast your biological clock is ticking, highlighting the importance of fertility testing. Once you have the fertility details, you can make the right decisions that can help you start your family more easily and at the right time.

We, GarbhaGudi IVF Centre, recommend you to seek proactive fertility testing, as soon as you start thinking about trying to conceive. Testing can also be beneficial if you are considering putting conception on hold for a few years. The test results can help you decide if you should explore other options like egg, sperm or embryo freezing.

If you have questions about the importance of fertility testing, contact us to schedule a consultation. GarbhaGudi IVF centre can help you jump-start your family planning.


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