One of these biggest struggles for medical marijuana patients is going to the doctor’s office for their required visits. Many medical marijuana patients are dealing with debilitating pain and terminal illnesses. Telemedicine has improved the access to healthcare for millions of Americans. By utilizing the opportunity to conduct doctor’s appointments via telehealth patients can visit doctors, without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. My Florida Green understands the emotional and physical difficulties that patients may experience when they are required to physically go see their Medical Marijuana Card Naples provider. This is why My Florida Green provides patients with the option of visiting their doctor via telehealth visits. Due to Covid-19 the Governor has extended an emergency order that allows patients to visit their Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg doctors via a virtual appointment. These visits can be conducted on your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg

Telemedicine in Florida

The American Journal of accountable care has reported that the use of telemedicine has been to virtual interactions offering new means of access to health information and communication with physicians. Internet programs help patients manage their specific illnesses and healthcare providers treat clients quickly. They also increase the accuracy and quality of patient Marijuana Naples information. Telehealth is becoming a popular choice due to advancement in the applications and internet capabilities. Visiting the Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg doctor via telehealth allows patients to see their doctor more often and be more engaged in their healthcare. Medical Marijuanacard Saint Petersburg

Are Telehealth Services Right for You?

You may be apprehensive about conducting your doctor’s appointment via telehealth for several reasons. Sometimes patients are weary simply because they have never used the service, or they may be worried that the applications are complicated. Fortunately, most patients who are willing to try this experience, are pleased with just how simple and convenient telemedicine is. Here are some benefits to seeing your Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg via telehealth:
  • No lost time for employed patients.
  • Telehealth is convenient for parents and caregivers.
  • Safer for patients who are ill and at higher risk of diseases.
  • There is no need to find or spend money on transportation.
  • Saves the patient time.
  • Improves patient-doctor engagement.
  • Improves healthcare for those in rural areas.
Telehealth improves access to healthcare, and consequently, improves patient satisfaction. Imagine being propped up on pillows in your bed and talking to your doctor. Patients experience less stress, anxious, and better communication with virtual visits. Marijuana Card Naples

Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card Virtually

The state of Florida requires medical marijuana patients to renew their cards on an annual basis through the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU). The Department of Medical Marijuana will send you a postcard reminder a minimum of 90 days before your Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg is set to expire. You have until midnight the date of expiration to renew your card. The department allows patients to begin renewing their card 45 days before the expiration date. You must remember to visit the Florida Department of Health website to renew your Medical Marijuana Card Naples or it will be placed in delinquent status. My Florida Green allows patients to visit their medical marijuana for recertification virtually with a telehealth visit. Marijuana Naples

Contact My Florida Green

My Florida Green is dedicated to providing patients with quality and convenient care across the state of Florida. My Florida Green operates with one goal in mind: To provide patients with care and remove any hurdles that may stand in the way. For this reason, we offer patients telehealth services, so they never sacrifice their time, money, or any other difficulties associated with receiving healthcare. We have medical marijuana doctors in Sarasota, Tampa, Naples, Orlando, and other locations to serve you. For new patients who are interested in obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg, visit My Florida Green’s website and fill out an intake form. You can complete this form to give you a general idea of if you qualify, but Medical Marijuana Card qualification is ultimately a decision made by the doctor, so it is best to schedule an appointment. You will also find helpful articles and tools pertaining to medical marijuana across the state of Florida, and a list of dispensaries, many of which will gladly deliver marijuana products to your home. Contact My Florida Green for more information. Medical Marijuana Card Reference