Individuals born with this combination may sometimes be forced to take a stand on their ideological principles in ways that could involve sacrifices or failures. However, in the end, such challenges often have the effect of strengthening their moral principles, or they may even lead to greater things later. Jupiter in 12 houses in astrology also governs higher education institutions. A client of mine with a Saturn-Jupiter quadrature described to me how she was prevented from graduating from college, only to eventually return to school at about sixty-something. years to obtain the much desired diploma.
When two more planets move close to the point of contact, this aspect is calls to be 'applicant'; When exceed the point exactly, however, being under the influence of the blind, it is called being 'separating'. Remember, the planets move at different speeds, sothat in general the nearest planet will move the fastest. If the Sun makes an appearance with Saturn, it will approach.Saturn in different houses, then will overtake him, while Saturn has barely moved.