When two more planets move close to the point of contact, this aspect is calls to be 'applicant'; When exceed the point exactly, however, being under the influence of the blind, it is called being 'separating'. Remember, the planets move at different speeds, sothat in general the nearest planet will move the fastest. If the Sun makes an appearance with Saturn, it will approach.Saturn in different houses, then will overtake him, while Saturn has barely moved.

You can clearly see if an aspect is approaching or approachingremoveobserving the zodiacal degrees. If the degree of the faster planet is lowerthan the degree of the slower planet, the appearance is stillapplicant, if any great then the separating aspect. For example, the Sun at 3 °Taurus approaches the conjunction with Saturn at 9 °Bull. When the sun moved to 10 ° Taurus, then the conjunction is separating. In general, the saturn in 12 houses in astrology applicable aspects are considered to be much more dynamic and more observable than the removal aspects. Into thethis stage the influence of the aspect enters the sphere of consciousness and brings its influence in attentionsOurs.