As an ecommerce brand, you keep looking for ideas that would increase sales opportunities for your brand.

You want something that would influence your target audience increasing your conversion rate. Shoppable Instagram has turned out to be a breakthrough in the world of ecommerce.

It has brought social commerce, a newly discovered phenomenon, into the mainstream, changing the direction of ecommerce marketing strategies.

So what is shoppable Instagram? Keep reading to find out more!

What Is Shoppable Instagram?

Shoppable Instagram is nothing but ecommerce businesses turning their business profiles on Instagram into shoppable storefronts.

Shoppable Instagram might be a newly added feature, but it synced with the users' social activities so well that it became an instant hit.

The users don't have to make any changes in their everyday social activity; brands can upload pictures of their products just like they'd upload any other post, creating a win-win situation for both brand and the users.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Shoppable Instagram.

What Are The Benefits Of Shoppable Instagram?

More Brand Discovery

In today's day and age, every brand has its own social media presence as social media has helped them get closer to their customers. The users also love exploring and discovering new brands on Instagram. Whenever they are looking for something, instead of going to Google, they search on Instagram.

Shoppable Instagram has taken this process to a different level. If you are a brand that wishes to establish a storefront on Instagram, then you must post shoppable posts using the right hashtags and keywords that can define your product at its best.

When users use hashtags and keywords to look for products similar to yours, they will surely come across your shoppable posts. When they realize that, along with discovering they can even buy your product without leaving the app, it will surely add to your conversion rate.

Easy Purchase Journey Increase Sales

What made shoppable Instagram a success regardless of the numerous ecommerce stores out there is the easy purchase journey. A traditional ecommerce setup requires the customers to fill the lengthy address, payment, and other detail forms that make the experience overwhelming, leaving the customers distracted before even reaching the payment page.

Shoppable Instagram makes this bulky experience lighter for the customers. They have to fill in their basic payment and address details on Instagram.

The users can explore different storefronts of different brands, and just with a few clicks, they can make the purchase hassle-free while staying within the app; such an easy, care-free journey increases the brands' sales.

Redefined UGC Usage

User-Generated Content has become widely loved among users and brands. Users find it easy to trust brands on Internet as they get real-life experiences of their peers without having to look anywhere else but the brand's page itself, making it easy to build trust.

Brands have seen rapid success in their business as, with UGC, they get new content every other day, a social media presence, and loyal customers. So, it's time to extract more out of UGC by uploading them as a shoppable Instagram post.

When you do so, you are killing two birds with one stone. Users will come across these UGCs and trust your brand, and along with that, the easy buying option will encourage them to make an immediate purchase.

Next Step In Influencer Marketing

We all know about the dominance of Influencers and content creators on Instagram; over 90% of users follow Influencers. So, there is no reason why you should not try out Influencer marketing for your brand. But with shoppable Instagram, you take it to the next step.

Choose Influencers similar to your target audience and use them as your models to advertise your product. You can post pictures of these influencers using your product on your business account and tag the products with shoppable tags.

These posts will not only influence your audience, but the shoppable tags will become an add-on to encourage them to buy your product.

Multiple Products Within One Post

The most prominent feature of shoppable Instagram is that you can tag more than one shoppable product within a single post. It uplifts a barrier for brands who don't want to create different shoppable posts for every product.

If you are a brand that sells home decor products, you can post a picture of a household setting. For example, in a living room, you can place your home decor products in that living room and take a landscape photo.

Post that picture and tag all the products with shoppable tags. When you do so, you inspire your audience by showing them a use case of your products and giving them an image of how they'll look in their living room. This way, you're encouraging multiple purchases with one shoppable Instagram post.

Over To You

We have now reached the end of this blog, where you got to know about the all-new shoppable Instagram and how useful they can be for your brand.

So! What are we waiting for? It’s time to hop on Instagram and start your journey of ever-increasing conversions!