Panoramic lifts are usually used in commercial buildings, shopping malls, railway stations, and subway stations. The side and back walls are made of fully laminated glass.

The panoramic lift has a capacity of 4 to 21 people and a speed of 0.63 to 2.5 m/s. The panoramic elevator of various designs is a system that combines the joy and expectation of users. Can be produced as a fully automatic, hydraulic, or traction drive system according to the architecture.

Panoramic Elevator depicts modernity, looking to the future under the background of elegance and luxury, a futuristic elevator, a bright and spacious, comfortable environment, can bring beauty. It enjoys a high reputation and adds an important element to the architectural design and function of the building. These elevators are installed to revitalize the building as a whole, make it more fashionable and attract passengers’ visual experience.

Panoramic Lifts

Panoramic lift Installation In Pakistan

Panoramic lift Installation In Pakistan

The most notable feature of the panoramic elevator that distinguishes it from other elevator models is that one or several walls of the car are made of glass.

Therefore, they provide you with visual enjoyment. For the safety of panoramic elevator users, these glasses should be non-breakable or made of safety glass. Panoramic glass is mainly used in business centers, shopping centers, entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants, large subways, and railway stations. Their carrying capacity ranges from 4 to 21 people. Because of the glass walls, they provide users with great visual enjoyment. And since people may see the outside of the elevator car when traveling, they are more relaxed than others, and for those who are afraid of elevators, they feel relaxed. Another feature of the panoramic lift is that it can be installed on the outside and inside of the building. Therefore, this ability creates another advantage for the use of space inside the building. Considering the construction attitude, the model of the panoramic elevators can be round, square, triangular, and other structures. important! The panoramic elevator shall be overhauled by the regular and general elevator maintenance performed by the authorized elevator maintenance company. Human life is more important and precious than anything else.

Panoramic Elevator While Being Suitable For Sightseeing They Are Views

Panoramic lift Installation In Pakistan

Panoramic lift Installation In Pakistan

One of the most prestigious elevator product types is the panoramic elevator. They can be located in shopping malls and commercial centers, hotels, restaurants, and homes. The panoramic lifts the basic element of building architectural design. These elevators are installed to revitalize the building as a whole, making it more fashionable and visually attractive. The attractive panoramic elevator not only helps passengers move comfortably between floors but also gains beauty from the thinking outside the building space, thereby increasing passenger flow and encouraging people to shop. This is especially important for shopping malls. For those who are afraid of confined spaces For people, the rise of panoramic elevators is no problem. Therefore, from a business point of view, using this lift is a very cost-effective solution. It allows you to increase your company’s profits by increasing the level of sales and significantly improve their position in the eyes of customers and other visitors.

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