MBA or Masters in Business Administration is one of the most sought-after post-graduate courses in the country. MBA helps you learn numerous skills coupled with technical knowledge. MBA grads are respected in not just the corporate field but the public sector as well. They possess the required business acumen and management skills to tackle problems faced by companies.

So, if you have decided to pursue an MBA, another critical question that you must consider is what specialization you must choose. There are numerous specializations, each having its unique advantages and caters to the specific needs of the employers. So students who want the most of their management degree have started opting for Dual specialization, which can broaden their horizons. So, what exactly is Dual Specialization in MBA? Let us explore-

What is Dual Specialization in MBA?

Like a conventional MBA program, the time frame of pursuing a Dual Specialization is also two years. However, unlike a conventional MBA program, you can choose two distinct specializations to pursue your MBA. It has many benefits as it can help you acquire a broader skillset and more technical proficiency. In a dual specialization program, one of the specializations is pursued as a primary specialization and another one as a minor specialization. However, equal weightage is afforded to both the specializations in most institutes. It must be noted that different institutes have different curricula.

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Analytics and Finance
  • Analytics and Marketing
  • Analytics and Accounting
  • Cybersecurity and Logistics
  • HRM and Organizational Leadership
  • Marketing and Finance
  • Marketing and Operations Management
  • Marketing and HRM

Why MBA in Dual Specialization?

As mentioned earlier, MBA dual specialization has gained significant popularity in recent times. So, what are the reasons that it has become so prevalent? Why should you choose to pursue dual specialization over a conventional MBA course? Let us look into various reasons why you should pursue a dual specialization in MBA -

  • More Opportunities - MBA dual specialization will make you better equipped to tackle more significant challenges. As you will hold specialization in more than one field, you can expect much wider opportunities in the corporate world. Your area of expertise will be larger than an ordinary MBA grad, and your services will be more sought after by companies. Your scope of working in different and diverse fields will also increase significantly.
  • Job Security - Owing to the outbreak of viral outbreak, job markets have been hit severely as the economy has witnessed a downward spiral. As Companies are laying off employees on an unprecedented scale, job security has become a particular concern. So if you specialize in more than one field, companies will expect you to handle diverse tasks. You can handle diverse and multiple roles. All of this will make you a much more precious employee for your company.
  • Networking - One of the primary reasons people choose an MBA is to form a solid working professional network. Once you get out of your college, this network will be of great help to you. So, if you are pursuing a dual specialization, you will meet people of different specializations, which will help you make a more extensive and diverse network of professionals.
  • Career Shift - Once you have devoted a few years or months working in a particular sector or handling a specific role, you might want to look for a different avenue. Many people who wish to make a switch find it extremely difficult to do it. So, it will be a lot easier for you to switch your career if you hold dual specialization.
  • Become an Entrepreneur - Many of those who pursue an MBA have entrepreneurial ambitions. If you hold dual specialization, you will have a more comprehensive knowledge of working for the company. You will have a better understanding of how different company departments work and interact with each other. All of this will contribute significantly to you leading from the top.

So if you have made up your mind to pursue a dual specialization in MBA, you must seriously consider pursuing an MBA in Pune, as it offers excellent opportunities. Pursuing a dual specialization is a big decision, so you must make a prudent and well-researched choice of choosing the specializations that are best suited for you. You must assess your own needs and capabilities before making the right decision. We wish you the best of luck in your career!