You have not explored Dubai to the fullest until you book a desert safari trip. You might have traveled to different cosmopolitan cities and have had an amazing sightseeing experience in the UAE, but there’s something special about Dubai that makes it the tourists’ favorite destination. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to Dubai every year, and for a good reason. From contemporary malls to serene places, Dubai is your one-stop place for an exhilarating travel experience.

What makes it even more special is a trip to the desert safari Dubai. Not only does the desert allow you to blend in with the locals and get familiar with the Arab culture, but it’s an ideal tourist destination for adventure lovers. It is the perfect place for those who want to tick the adventure-filled activities on their bucket list. One such way to explore the tranquility of the desert is by trying a camel ride. Mount on the back of the camel and enjoy the beauty of the desert. Here’s everything you need to know about a camel ride in desert safari Dubai.

Try a Camel Ride

What could be a better way to enjoy a desert safari trip than by exploring the surrounding areas on the back of the desert’s most popular animal? On Dubai’s vast and fascinating desert, it is quite normal for people to try adventurous activities to enjoy their trip to these never-ending sand dunes to the fullest. Whether you have booked a morning trip or a night-long tour, the desert safari is the perfect place for history lovers and adventure junkies. With so much to explore and try, you will never run out of options here. From dune buggy ride to hot air ballooning and from an exhilarating camel ride to dune bashing, there are a plethora of fun and adventure activities you get to explore on the desert safari.

If you have never had a camel ride before, Desert safari Dubai is your ideal place for an exciting camel ride. The ride is pretty exciting with an extensive range of movements. The locals will help you mount a camel and ride it efficiently. All you got to do is make sure that you are holding the reins appropriately as the camel moves.

What Else I Can Try?

As mentioned earlier, Desert Safari is your go-to place for adventurous activities. The fun begins with dune bashing, which involves a set of sedans and SUVs riding on the never-ending dunes and taking some unexpected and exciting turns. Once you have reached the camp located in the middle of the desert, you could give other activities a shot. This includes a hot air balloon ride (available for the morning visitors only), quad biking, sandboarding, and more. Camel riding, however, is the best activity for those who want an adrenaline rush. Hop on a camel and enjoy the ride while capturing photos of your surroundings.

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